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Submitted to the Rio de Janeiro section of Game Jam Plus!

Help Maria Quitéria, a military fighter from the Brazilian War of Independence on her journey for freedom. After her father forbids her from serving in the army, Maria Quitéria ran away from home, dressed as a man, and joined the troops to fight for Brazil's independence.

A narrative-driven, single-player action game with a strong Brazilian woman and a touching story of self-discovery.

1 - Choose Sword
Left Mouse - Attack Sword
Right Mouse - Block Sword 
2 - Choose Rifle
Move Mouse - Aim
Left Mouse - Shoot
D / RightArrow - Move to the Right
A / Left Arrow - Move to the Left
S/DownArrow - Crouch and Get Items
Space  - Jump and Double Jump
Hold Space - Glide

Ana Paula de Mattos - Narrative, Game Designer,  Writer;
Felipe Figueiredo - Programmer
Gabriel Victor - Artist, Animator
Giullia Alves - Sound Designer, Composer
Thaissa da Rocha - Narrative Designer, Pitcher;
Victor Sassi - Programmer


Marias_WindowsVersion 60 MB


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Jumping has a nasty tendency to autocancel horizontal momentum making critical jumps practically impossible.

Thank you for the feedback xD